Saturday, 22 December 2012

Glorious End of The World

Its day after the end of the world and surprisingly nothing has changed. Still feeling down with more debt, sad face and with no real progress in anything. Being twenty-five with my best option being a store assistant is not the life I wanted.
If you know me for some time you are probably used to my constant bragging about changing my life and doing nothing with that. I find that became some sort of my signature move. But right now... right now I’m on the verge of breaking down completely. I think I might have some sort of depression but so far no one was able to help me with that. I try to put myself together from time to time but it always fails and I’m going back to wasting day after day.
I just hope I will be able to pick up myself from this crap before it will suck me in completely...


  1. Cheer up, everybody have a bad time, like me now or before ;)

    1. For me it lasted for over half a year but you're right, things are changing. I hope that your situation is easy to solve :)