Saturday, 9 June 2012

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

I’ve been watching it the other day. I kinda disliked the first one with all this Sherlock’s special sense that allowed him to analyse situation and describe what will happen. It was so damn boring and it was spoiling most of the movie for me.
                After reading  a lot of positive reviews I’ve finally got teh DVD and... what the fuck is this shit? As much as I love Judge Law and Robert Downey Jr and how they play their roles not to mention awesome Stephen Fry, here... everything was a total bullshit. Characters were totally flat and this super-uber-kick-ass plot by Moriarty to start world war by buying almost every branch of industry and bombing everyone else, then involve some face transplant, sniper rifles, machine guns and not to forget – gypsy terrorist and some kick-ass cannons that could easily compete with WW2 equipment. And by machine guns I mean the real deal! With fast loading and this kind of magic...
Then when you have a showdown between Sherlock and Moriarty – SURPRISE! – both can analyse situation at the same level and also can kinda talk to each other in their thoughts! I haven’t seen such a pile of bullshit since... first movie. Don’t get me wrong I love productions like Sucker Punch where little makes sense and you can mix everything together but here it was presented in such a boring way and narration, situational analysis by Sherlock just spoiled whole fun of the movie. If they would just keep it simple and stick to action just hinting that Holmes is just a bit special and don’t throw it in my face every five minutes it could be one of the best movies in the world, but this way... fuck it, it’s boring :/

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